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Cuccinelli: I fight for taxpayer money, just not from my personal financial patron


From the Democratic Party of Virginia, more evidence of Ken Cuccinelli’s skewed priorities (not to mention sleaziness and pay-to-play corruption):

Today Ken Cuccinelli held a de facto campaign event to announce that the IRS owes Virginia $125 million from a recent Medicaid fraud settlement.

There’s no question Virginians should get every dollar that’s coming to them from any delinquent payer. However it is surprising that Cuccinelli hasn’t been more successful in getting taxpayers’ money out of the IRS, considering all the free time his refusal to pursue a case over Star Scientific’s $1.7 million tax bill must have left him.

Cuccinelli’s avid pursuit of the IRS’s delinquent bill after letting the Star Scientific case sit dormant for two years may come down to the fact that he can’t buy stock in the IRS like he did in Star Scientific after the company filed suit to avoid paying its tax bill.

It could also have something to do with the fact that the tax collection agency has yet to buy Cuccinelli a catered $1,500 Thanksgiving dinner at Smith Mountain Lake, airfare to New York City or $6,000 worth of nutritional supplements.

Virginians deserve an Attorney General who pursues delinquent taxpayer money in all cases, not just the ones that don’t happen to involve Ken Cuccinelli’s personal financial patrons.

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