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“Corruptinelli” Strikes Again!


From the DPVA, it looks like “Corruptinelli” (as DJ Rippert of Bacon's Rebellion brilliantly dubbed him) has struck again!

This Sounds Familiar: Energy Company Bought Cuccinelli Dinner as His Office Aided their Case

Did Cuccinelli discuss mining royalties case with parent company over gifted dinner?

The Bristol Herald Courier just reported that the parent company of one of two companies benefitting from Ken Cuccinelli’s office's counsel in their effort to avoid paying Virginians millions in mining royalties recently bought the Attorney General dinner.

The Statement of Economic interest Cuccinelli filed yesterday revealed that Consol Energy recently bought him an $82 dinner. Consol has also contributed more than $110,000 to Cuccinelli’s campaign, even as his office actively strategized with one of its subsidiaries’ lawyers in a lawsuit against Virginia taxpayers.

Much like he finally admitted discussing his tax case with Jonnie Williams as the CEO gave him thousands in gifts, Cuccinelli should answer whether he and any Consol staff or representatives discussed this tax case while enjoying the dinner they gave him as a gift. 

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