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    I’ve been a frequent participant in the BV community, and a former editor of the Blue Commonwealth project. My commitment to working with the Netroots runs deep, and that’s why I’d like to engage BV’s readers in a discussion about the election for Vice-chair for Tech. Now more than ever, we can’t afford to dismiss or marginalize this important position any longer. That’s why I have an aggressive agenda, and that’s why I’d like to ask for your support.

    Why Support Dave?

    I’m running for Vice-chair for Technology and Communications as a way to bring my extensive political communications and tech experience to bear in service to the Democratic Party of Virginia. I’ve worked closely with DPVA leadership and staff over the last year to enhance communications and technology practice within the Party. I have also formed, and taken leadership of, a statewide technology volunteer group that shares best practices and helps candidates. I want to continue to challenge the Party’s status quo and help move DPVA toward the modern, streamlined Party I know we can be. It is critical that we ensure the success of the McAuliffe and Coordinated Campaigns this year, but also that we look beyond 2013 and engage in real, long-term strategic planning.

    My plan for Virginia Democrats:

    • Make smarter use of readily-available technologies and social media among candidates and committees.

    • Expand our volunteer outreach and extend critical specialty skills like tech statewide to help all Democrats and Democratic committees.

    • Lower the “barrier to entry” for Democrats wishing to seek office.

    • Provide cheaper and smarter ways for candidates and potential candidates to ramp up

    their campaigns.

    • Develop policies that protect the Party’s data and treat it as a valued asset;

    • Promote the use of technologies and well-known best practices through increased

    regular trainings.

    • Work with candidates and committees to demonstrate simple, successful models they

    can follow.

    • Broaden DPVA’s outreach to local candidates in order to “deepen the bench” for state

    candidate recruitment.

    • Expand the “social reach” of DPVA, market the message, and coordinate better with the

    Netroots community.

    • Work on a new, unified branding and communications structure for DPVA to use beyond


    • Increase involvement of young professionals like myself to reduce the “participation

    gap” among active Democrats ages 35-50.

    Why I’m right for the job:

    Improving DPVA Tech strategy is critical, and I am a proven technology leader in Democratic Politics. I am:

    • A member of the VA 8th Congressional District Committee since 2012;

    • An active Arlington Dems member, volunteer, and leader for 7 years, including 3+ as

    Tech Director;

    • A founder of The Brigades, a volunteer organizing group started from the Webb Campaign helping Democratic candidates statewide;

    • Leader of a statewide effort to coordinate tech volunteers (VA Dem Tech) to share ideas and best practices;

    • Leader of past statewide efforts to coordinate messaging between DPVA and the Netroots community;

    • A nationally recognized expert in campaign technology, having spoken at numerous conferences, panels, and events;

    • A national technology principal during the 2008 Obama Campaign as liaison between Obama for America and Blue State Digital;

    • A member of Senior Management at a nationally-renowned non-profit and political technology company, Salsa Labs;

    • A local volunteer coordinator and tech and communications aide for campaigns around VA;

    • Member of the 8th District Credentials Committee and a member of the DPVA Convention Best Practices working group.

    As an under-35 young professional, I can provide a much-needed youthful voice to the DPVA Steering Committee. I represent Virginia’s core values and budding demographic – as a young, professional homeowner and family man. I grew up in Hampton Roads, went to college in Williamsburg, and live in Arlington – Virginia is my home. I want to help keep Virginia blue! With your help, we can succeed.


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