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Fathers of Our Nation


Dads come in all shapes, sizes, temperament, mind-set and colors.  Good, bad or indifferent; like, trust, respect them or not, Dads, like Founding Fathers and the Father of our country, historically set our course.

A nation of overflowing family & dining rooms, backyards & restaurants of every ethnicity on Father’s Day, prove we were and are a nation of immigrants, who conquered peace lovers of a homeland free for the brave, “Redskins.”

However, when a brown kid in a colorful shirt is ridiculed on Twitter for singing our National Anthem more beautifully than most, we’ve turned our back on the Statue of Liberty and all our relatives who sailed past her, so we could live “The Life of Riley” in Technicolor.

Seems, just as there are pretend patriots like Cheney, and pretend people like supremely international Corporations with American sounding names, there are fathers who are pretend Dads.

Generations of our Moms & Dads came from somewhere else before the likes of Old Hickory, in his uniquely fatherly manner, decided to sever from our National rainbow the color of choice for Communists and Republicans.

It’s always the choices we make and our execution of same that determine the trails blazed and paths paved to, through and beyond “Manifest Destiny,” – sadly, without manly consideration of input from female and non-white citizens.

Before the late 20th century, except for token gesture considerations allowing involvement of others who didn’t look like them, the great white fathers we put in charge, pretty much created the dysfunction we see now in board rooms, back rooms and classrooms, having forgotten the golden rules of Exceptionalism:

Everyone gets to have the opportunity to sing anthems, speak their piece, vote their voice and play America’s game regardless of their political slant or physical shade, otherwise our Republic descends into a war between its feminine and masculine sides or Capitalism (making the most money for the fewest) vs. Democracy (doing the most good for the most) creating ‘a house divided.’

Once Corporate fathers, absent fathers and working a three day week Congressional fathers get infected with zest for the power and the glory of controlling domestic lives, international events and amassing gigantic sums of money for the very few, Lady Liberty’s torch for ‘a shining city upon a Hill,’ is snuffed out

Father or mother, child or childless, colorless or deeper tones, straight & narrow or LGBT, America came out of many immigrants to form ‘one nation under something more special than just white men.’

Now if the years from Reagan to GW didn’t teach you the danger of privatization, you might miss secret deals between conservative governors and shady capitalist for guaranteed in writing 90% capacity private prisons.

For fathers to know best, best become a Dad, and like our number one Dad-in-Chief, listen to your wife, daughters and of course Moms, “We’ve Had Enough Bushes,” saving us, and a ‘fertilizing’ Jeb from himself.

Realizing the limitations of his Party to comprehend the consequences of rape & incest, aspirin & pregnancy, abortion & Ultra-Sound, or ‘little Cheney:’ Trent Franks accusing others of the sins he himself commits, any father of ‘The House’ would weep in the shadow of a grandmother born to a House gavel.

If we aren’t fathers enough to convince our households that it’s all Americans first, then in second place, State, County and District constituents they’re elected to ‘preserve, protect and defend,’ then at least confess miserable failure of Austerity and Sequester to prosper any non-billionaire American.

And PLEASE tell me we’re not left with Father Christmas Rick Perry’s anti-Christian treatment of the poor, as example of $4.50 a day diet plan for Congressional free trial.

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