The Reasonable Voices Blog Talk Radio: Restoration of Voting Rights of non-violent felons in Virgin


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    Get an inside look at what’s been going on in Richmond since Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell publicly stated, (reversing himself) he will “automatically restore on a individual basis civil rights to nonviolent felons

    Today our show takes a closer look at Virginia Governor McDonnell’s and Attorney General Cuccinelli’s recent reversal on the “Restoration of Rights” of former non-violent felons.

    Our guests are Andrea Miller and Frank Anderson:

    Andrea Miller was the 2008 Congressional Candidate for the 4th District. Currently she is Deputy Field Director for PDA and Co-State Coordinator for PDA Virginia. Since 2008 Andrea has been very active on the ERA both in Virginia and nationally. Andrea is one of the leaders of PDA’s ERA 3 State Strategy team.

    Frank Anderson has lived most of his life in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  After serving two years and two months for a 1998 felony burglary conviction, he moved to Washington, DC and became active in politics.…


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