Jim Southworth for DPVA Vice-chair of Technology and Communications


    (I promoted Dave Leichtman’s post and am doing the same for Jim Southworth. May the best man win! 🙂 – promoted by lowkell)

    I have not been a frequent poster on the blogs and Facebook for professional reasons, but I have been on the Dem Tech mailing list since the beginning suggesting new ideas and approaches. Many pictures seem to pop up with me running a sound system, using a video camera, directing a TV control room, or operating assorted PCs. This is not completely by accident. I have found over the many years of being a “Hands-On” technologist that the best way to lead and teach technology is by doing, not just talking about what’s possible. I believe I have a different perspective for the better. My career has been focused on technology and most forms or communications, not just the operations of campaigns alone.

    I am attempting to contact by phone as many of the Central Committee members statewide as I can, while still providing help for an average of a dozen political activities this month alone. If you don’t get a call from me, I apologize, but please watch the introductory video http://youtu.be/MHJ3Itlg9Ig or email me at Jim@Southworth.name if you have any questions.

    The support and endorsements I have received from our candidates and party leaders has been humbling. I have many already listed on my Facebook page.

    The fact that both Virginia Labor and Business endorsed me the same afternoon was very encouraging. I would be remiss not to also mention the endorsement from Lt. Gov. Candidate Dr. Ralph Northam.`

    My agenda for the state is for much more than just the voter data bases, webpages and social media. These are important and critical, but we also have excellent paid staff in Richmond focused on that area. My goal for DPVA is to work smarter, incorporate the best of all the new technologies, and do it statewide for the least cost to our campaigns and committees. In most cases the agenda I present is more of the successful progress we have had work in NoVa. NOW let’s do it State Wide !!!! With your help we will….

    To the elected Congressional Committee members; I respectfully ask for your vote this coming Saturday morning 6/28 at the Central Committee Meeting in Richmond.


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