Moran Helps Janitors Win Back Lost Wages and Benefits in Contract Dispute


    Washington, DC – Congressman Jim Moran, Northern Virginia Democrat, applauded the settlement of a labor dispute that will result in payment of more than $300,000 in wages and benefits owed to nearly 70 janitors at Ft. Belvoir. Moran was a vocal supporter of the janitors, writing to Ft. Belvoir Base Commander Colonel Gregory D. Gadson in February calling for a resolution to the dispute and greater oversight in the base’s contracting. The contractor in question is Brown & Pipkins Acsential.

    “I am grateful for Ft. Belvoir and the Labor Department’s prompt and thorough investigation to ensure this dispute was resolved and the janitorial staff received their hard earned compensation,” said Rep. Moran. “The federal government has a responsibility to contract with companies who treat their employees fairly. If there’s a violation of that trust, it’s important for officials to act quickly to correct the problem.”

    The Labor Department settlement determined that among other violations, Brown & Pipkins Acsential failed, since September 1, 2012, to pay overtime and applicable prevailing wages, including failure to pay the correct base hourly rate, the failure to pay all required holiday pay, and the failure to pay contributions toward benefit funds for healthcare, pension, legal services, and training.

    SEIU local 32BJ raised the issue on behalf of employees in February 2013 after learning that workers at the base had been paid less than the wage agreed to in collective bargaining with a previous holder of the contract. They contacted Congressman Moran with their concerns, prompting his letter to Col. Gadson.

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