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Paul Begala Counts the Ways Cuccinelli is a “Tea Party favorite and a right-wing extremist”



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My 28 years of political experience have taken me to all 50 states. And in all those years, in all those states, I don't believe I have ever seen a major party's candidate for governor in a swing state who has the extreme positions of Virginia GOP candidate Ken Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli is a Tea Party favorite and a right-wing extremist. How extreme? Let me count the ways:

1. He hates Social Security and Medicare. In his book he specifically described those benefits – benefits earned by every American who pays into them — this way: “These programs make people dependent on government.”

2. He hates birth control. He has said people should be willing to go to jail to stop Obamacare from covering contraception.

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3. He thinks Justice Scalia is too liberal. He told a right-wing think tank that Justice Scalia – perhaps the most right-wing member of the Supreme Court – goes along with too many Constitutional precedents: “Justice Scalia is in this category: ‘Well, we’ve been doing it wrong for a while, so now it’s part of the Constitution.’ I don’t buy that. I don’t buy that.”

4. He attacked churches for helping the poor. Religious efforts to aid the poor, he said, “helped create a culture of dependency on government, not God.”

5. He opposes a woman's right to choose. Even in the case of rape. Even in the case of incest. Even when a woman's health is in danger.

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6. He used his power as Virginia's Attorney General to harass climate scientists. As Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse has said: “In 2010, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli used his powers of office to harass former University of Virginia climatologist Michael Mann and 39 other climate scientists and staff.”

I could go on. Believe me, I could. But here's the question: is there any real chance a wack-job like Cuccinelli could actually become Governor of Virginia? The sad answer is yes. And there are millions of reasons why.

Right-wing activists will pour millions into Virginia this year. It's an off-year election in a state that Pres. Obama won. Every reject from the Star Wars bar scene is going to be pumping money into Virginia: from the Koch Brothers (who love a climate denier) to Karl Rove (who loves power) to the Pat Robertson fringe (who love, love, love Cuccinelli and want to enact his ultra-right-wing agenda).

That's why I'm writing you. This is much bigger than Virginia. If the GOP can elect an Obamacare-hating, Planned Parenthood attacking, anti-choice, anti-gay extremist in Virginia just one year after Pres. Obama carried the state, it will encourage their most radical elements.

Knowing Cuccinelli can’t win Virginia on his extremist record, the predictable cast of right-wing heavyweights is parachuting in. Rove’s spewing his usual nonsense, the Koch brothers are writing checks and ex-Romney staffers have formed a new PAC called “America Rising” to follow Terry everywhere and twist his words into nasty attacks.

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Paul Begala

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