Today’s Photo: Terry McAuliffe and Michelle Obama


    Click on the image to “embiggen.” Also, see the press release below. And let’s just hope there were no hecklers at today’s event. 🙂

    First Lady Michelle Obama Campaigns for Terry McAuliffe

    First Lady Michelle Obama campaigned for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, on Thursday, in front of a crowd of about 400 in Tyson’s Corner.

    “I am grateful to have the First Lady here to speak about how critical this election is for the future of Virginia,” said McAuliffe. “Michelle Obama has been a national leader on a host of issues like supporting our military families, advocating for women’s rights, and making our communities and schools better for our children. As Governor, I will build upon this work to make sure that all Virginians have economic opportunity, quality health care, and access to a good education in order to prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.”

    During her remarks, the First Lady discussed how McAuliffe would tackle challenging issues facing Virginia’s economy, and stressed how high the stakes are in this election for women and families in the Commonwealth.

    Contrasting his vision with his GOP opponents, McAuliffe stated, “They think this election is about proving the viability of their own ideology. Well, I say this election is about creating jobs. Virginia simply can’t afford a Governor who spends time trying to impose his own social agenda instead of focusing on the economy.”

    Earlier on Thursday, McAuliffe announced his proposal to strengthen Virginia’s equal pay rules, which follows his campaign focus of reducing barriers for women and communities across Virginia in order to grow the economy and create jobs.

    An excerpt of McAuliffe’s remarks as prepared for delivery can be found here.

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