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Video: When Cooch Loses This November, He Can Join “Fox and Friends!”


I think the vast majority of us would agree that Faux “News” is nothing more than a right-wing, pro-Republican echo chamber. I think we’d also agree that “Fox and Friends” is about as bad as it gets on Fox – and that’s saying something for that bad joke of a network!

The New York Times wrote that Fox & Friends “has become a powerful platform for some of the most strident attacks on President Obama.”[3] The program has provided a platform for conspiracy theories about Obama’s religion and, in May 2012, aired a 4-minute video attacking Obama’s record as President.[3] The video was widely criticized as a political attack ad masquerading as journalism,[4][5] TIME television critic James Poniewozik wrote: “It’s hard to imagine a more over-the-top parody of Fox raw-meat-hurling, fear-stoking, base-pleasing agitprop.“[6]

A few more examples of “Fox and Friends” atrociousness? How about:

*Fox Uses Debunked Benghazi Myths To Attack Susan Rice Appointment

*Fox Deceptively Edits Obama Remarks To Portray Him Dismissing Benghazi Attack Victims

*Fox & Friends Invents Link Between Fort Hood Tragedy And IRS Investigation (“Fox’s Carlson Wonders Why Hasan Is Not Named An Enemy Of The State But IRS Is Investigating Tea Party Groups”)

*Fox & Friends Spends More Than 13 Minutes Questioning Women’s Driving Abilities

*Fox’s Kilmeade On How Fox Hires Female Hosts: “We Go Into The Victoria’s Secret Catalogue And We Said, ‘Can Any Of These People Talk?'”

*Fox and Friends plugs Palin/Beck 2012

*Fox’s Carlson: “We’re Not Nuts, Are We? There Is A War On Christmas”

*Jon Stewart has had a field day with “Fox and Friends” (LOL)

In sum, this is the loony bin of all loony bins. An echo chamber of insanity on steroids. However you want to put it. And Ken Cuccinelli fits in really, really well there. Conspiracy theories run amok? Yep, we got ’em. Multiple false assertions a minute? Check. Nastiness and smarminess? Check. Bottom line: when Ken Cuccinelli loses this November, this would be the perfect job for him: join “Fox and Friends,” he’ll perfectly in the Fox insane asylum!


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