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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, June 28. Also, see the video of President Obama’s visit to Goree Island in Senegal – the point of departure for the slave trade.

*Senate approves comprehensive bill to overhaul immigration (Note unanimous Democratic approval, a divided Republican Party, and possible death of this bill in the Teahadist House…)

*Voting Rights Act needs swift repairs (Yes, this is as much the fault of Republicans in Congress as it is of the conservative-controlled Supreme Court.)

*How Congress Can Undo The Supreme Court’s Attack On Workers’ Rights (Speaking of the pressing need to change both Congress and the anti-worker Supreme Court…)

*Paula Deen’s slurs are a bitter pill to swallow (I hate even hearing about this despicable woman; she represents just about every bad/dark side of this country.)

*Democrats see gay marriage decision as energizer for 2013 races (Actually, it’s the Voting Rights Act case which should REALLY motivate Democrats to flock to the polls this November, and every November, until the Supreme Court is a much different place…)

*McDonnell acknowledges nothing on unreported gifts

*Goodlatte criticizes Senate immigration bill (Yet another example of why I call him BADlatte…)

*Gay marriage ruling another rift in governor’s race (The whole issue of LGBT equality – not just the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling – is a “rift” between the 2013 Virginia Democratic and Republican tickets.)

*New scooter law, other driving regulations begin Monday (Including the absurd tax on hybrids. When Terry McAuliffe’s elected next year, he should try to persuade the General Assembly to repeal that one.)

*Warner, Kaine push to repeal DOMA entirely (Excellent.)

*Cuccinelli standing athwart history (“The partial victory for gays and lesbians at the Supreme Court on Wednesday only places Republican gubernatorial candidate Kenneth Cuccinelli further on the political fringe. And he’s happy to be there.”)

*The Evolution Of Ken Cuccinelli (From an unabashed extremist to a mildly toned-down extremist for the campaign season.)

*E.W. Jackson says he’s not the extreme candidate in race for Va. lieutenant governor (He’s right, to the extent that actually Ken Kookinelli is far more dangerous and just as extreme as Jackson…)

*House Speaker: $1.8 million in legislative savings returned to Va. (In a multi-billion-dollar budget, this is NOT a big deal, to put it mildly.)

*Virginia Zoo has some work to do before September hearing

*Norfolk 911 dispatcher suspended over Facebook post

*Koi heist: 400 fish stolen from Virginia pond (I really hope they “net” these guys!)

*Forecast looks muggy, hazy and wet

*In NBA draft, Washington Wizards select Otto Porter Jr.; Alex Len goes to Phoenix Suns


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