Adjust your State, Local and Federal Settings


    That’s what my radio boss says to me every time sloppy anchoring, new intern, I or severe thunderstorms weird out station computers.  He enters studio, deftly guides the mouse, and with a correcting click, says, “It’s just a setting, Marcello.”

    Life, Liberty, Happiness, Justice, Equality, indeed America too, are settings needing periodic adjusting.

    In the 777 crash aftermath setting, male owners muscled in manipulation that their flying machine was magnificently missing malfunction, while media men settled for which finger to point with malice aforethought.

    However, in a reality setting, National Transportation Safety Board, Chairman Deborah Hersman, led by example of balanced, calm, precise, factual reporting.  Man, just imagine if media men like Matt could immolate that “Today” or during any afternoon or evening TV glitz and radio blitz.

    Setting an American Independence extension, women of all ages, colors, shapes and dress sizes journeyed the extra miles from many different states, formulating a Chicago gender union of ideas, generations and negotiations.

    Their many paths to Constitutional equality intersected at Justice for All, Equal Pay for equal work and Equal Protection, because women matter and NOW with treaty power, they’re determined to adjust America’s setting to 21st century global reality.

    Like Adams, Franklin and Jefferson’s Independence Hall, the Women’s National Convention was a setting with international repercussions, reputations, resolutions and reparations:  CEDAW, Council for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women.

    The adjustment setting:  different women with differing opinions and agenda, continuing our revolution, but set this time around, to include equal rights, pay and protection for both genders.

    Since ‘all men were created equal,’ equality for women, ‘left behind,’ was set on an evolutionary revolution through two centuries, to reveal and fulfill a nation’s under defined historical spaces.

    NOW, we have Women Matter, Use Your Power and “The Women’s Treaty,” signed by 187 countries, but still missing signatures of Iran, Sudan, Somalia, and the “Sweet Land of Liberty.”

    Congress rejects international humanitarian treaties, because being global team player is not for a standalone gun toting independent killing machine – but Game, Set, Match:  The Women’s Treaty requires all signing countries have a Constitutional setting with an equality clause.

    Oops – Being the Beacon of “with Liberty and Justice for all” does snag on the snare of hypocrisy.

    Not to worry, with only sixty-seven U. S. Senators voting to sign CEDAW, America could clone China who signed and still treats its female population like second class citizens.  Hey, at least we wouldn’t be caught preaching, ‘do as I say, not as I do.’

    Whether “Three State Strategy” or move to remove North Carolina Senator Sam Ervin’s ratification obituary deadline, or States like Virginia whose state constitution favor ERA, but who won’t ratify a national ERA, or New York’s plan to go back to “go” without passing, and start all over again, America’s setting needs adjusting.

    Game Set:  In April 2013, in ‘The Mother of American Presidents,’ twenty-something female UVa students leaving a grocery store at 10pm, with a case of bottled water were accosted by plain clothes State liquor ABC Agents.

    Terrified in their vehicle, the students called 911 and when told the men were indeed agents of the state, they surrendered, water and all.

    When State & 911 boys will be condescending boys, the setting for women that April night was, arrest, handcuffs, felony charges and a night in jail, over bottled water mistaken for a case of beer.  Even with charges dropped, lives were changed.

    Equal Rights for all, is our most important American setting, and we’re neglecting it.  Truth is, ‘Women Matter!’  NOW, share your power with your daughters and wives — adjust our Constitutional setting.


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