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Analysis of Egypt Situation by Stratfor, Tom Perriello; Statement by White House


I think Stratfor’s analysis is spot on, except that I agree with Tom Perriello (see below) that this wasn’t a pure “coup” (as Stratfor’s video headline states, oversimplistically), but more of a hybrid of a popular uprising and military intervention. I also recommend the analysis of former Rep. Tom Perriello (see his tweets from the past few days below), who knows Egypt well.

*”Reformist @monaeltahawy just rocked @jaketapper: How were people to use the ballot box when Morsi jailed/intimidated the opposition?”

*”Army closed deal, but this revolt was led by brave reformists who never gave up spirit of Jan25 and millions who rallied with them. Not over”

*”Classifying this as “military coup” is intellectually dishonest at best. Whether for or against it, this was people-powered from the start.”

*”Given it would have ZERO legitimacy w/o the people having risen up first, reducing Egyptian military’s roadmap to the word “coup” seems lazy”

*”Egypt’s revolution succeeds when activists organize outside the square then return, as with 18 days & Tamarod et al.”

*”Dvpts in Egypt kinda validate Obama’s don’t-pick-sides/support-dem-process approach: MB can’t play trump card of protests being a US plot.”

UPDATE: See the statement by the White House in the comments section of this post.

UPDATE #2: Rep. Gerry Connolly weighs in on Twitter – “Morsi’s ouster due to lack of respect for dissenting views & civil society. Military coup is not viable alt, Morsi’s faults notwithstanding.”

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