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Cuccinelli Praises Himself for Investigation He Claims Is “Not Related” To Him


From DPVA:

Ken Cuccinelli today tried out a new talking point in his efforts to hide his involvement in the myriad of scandals surrounding Star Scientific and its CEO Jonnie Williams. In fact, it’s the second talking point he’s tried in as many days, and the third he's come out with since last week.

Let’s recap:

Last Week: Cuccinelli's campaign claims he didn't know about the investigation of McDonnell

Monday: Cuccinelli says investigation “not related to me

Wednesday: Cuccinelli takes credit for initiating the investigation

Speaking out of both sides of his mouth (or is it all three?) won’t help Cuccinelli here — the facts speak for themselves. Cuccinelli received $18,000 in gifts, including free vacations, plane rides and even a catered Thanksgiving dinner from Jonnie Williams and Star Scientific. He “forgot” to disclose $5,000 of those gifts just like he “forgot” to disclose holding more than $10,000 in Star Scientific stock.  

Even Cuccinelli’s own office recognized his conflict of interest with Jonnie Williams and “walled him off” from the very investigation he’s now taking credit for initiating.

Most ridiculously, Cuccinelli’s eleventh hour victory lap fails to mention the chef case could be thrown out because of his conflict of interest.

It's time Ken Cuccinelli spent a little more time explaining his scandalous conduct, and a little less trying to distract Virginians from it.