Cuccinelli Social Media #FAIL


    Ken Cuccinelli’s apparently pissed off the grassroots and it’s showing on his Facebook page. Check out the torrent of negative comments, such as the following, and click on the image at right to “embiggen.” Thanks…and enjoy! 🙂

    *”No, I’m too busy giving my husband a blow job.”

    *”You are a crazy person, and you’re dangerous for Virginians and Americans.”

    *”Well, now that you’ve invited yourself into my bedroom, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised you’ve invited yourself into my newsfeed, you troll.”

    *”Nope. Not a chance. Petitioning to ban sodomy is governmental overreach. I will never support a politician that tries to legislate what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home.”

    *”Nope. I support Robert Sarvis for Governor. You remember him, the one that YOU are AFRAID to debate.”

    *”No – you want to remove regulations that protect our planet yet you want to regulate my wife’s uterus and our sex life.”

    *”Not a chance while you doggedly fight to keep Norfolk & Portsmouth commuters chained to tunnel tolls for the next 58 years.”

    *”Are you serious? Stay off my page weirdo.”

    *”No! I don’t live in Virginia and I don’t support your radical right-wing agenda. Please stop spamming my Facebook page!”

    *”Mr. Cuccinelli, how many more firefighters have to die before you concede that the scientific evidence for global warming is overwhelming and that the future governor of this state must start to implement policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions?”

    *”nother day, another univited email from your campaign. How many times do I need to unsubscribe and/or email your organization to remove me from your email list Mr. Cuccinelli? I have tried to unsubscribe a minimum of FIVE times now, and 2 emails. Tell me what it takes for you to respect my privacy.”