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Lincoln – Gandhi – Mandela – King – “Hot Shots”


With challenging times, it’s understandable we slip into the ease of

anniversary celebrations of heroic actions that change life and nations,

without immolating the exceptional character of those we honor – legends

known and unknown who raised the bar through sacrifice – even suffering a

bloody or fiery death.

Most often we seize and ride the dynamic splash of media hype, rather than

ingest the soulful ripple from the core of heroes, and rarely entertaining a

taste for those who prep heroism without spotlight and by candlelight,

follow in its footsteps.

With the knowledge of historically overlooked heroes our lead, we bathe in

the wisdom of those forgotten – a journey proving, most people whose faces

remain unrecognized and names seldom whispered, are at some point heroic for

some person, place or thing, they don’t even know…

Battlefields – 9/11 – Boston Marathon – Wild Fires – City Streets

Maybe Heroes, like sandwiches, come in different shapes, sizes and toppings.

So perhaps before our children learn which screen star, athlete or

neighborhood bully to hero worship, we should check the ingredients – theirs

and ours:  

Though DOMA is not dead, its cemetery plot has been chosen.  

A self-righteous court can never be supreme in its rulings as long as true

patriots demand for all, what they themselves already heroically possess:  

* Constitutional Equal Rights for Women

* Restoration of Rights for those who’ve done the time

* Exemplary education for our children of all ages at every grade level

* Excellent salaries for teachers

* Elimination of crippling loans for those who only desire to contribute to

us what we teach each other.  

What is a court ruling that slices and dices a voting act for which many

have so dearly paid?  

How are we Jesus-like when asking, seeking and knocking to crush descendants

of Stonewall, Woodstock and Selma?  

Without cloaking ourselves in hypocrisy, how is Independence Day celebrated

by imposing second class citizenship on those with whom we disagree?

Wouldn’t June 28th be best celebrated with an Independence Day that extends

the freedoms, justice and equality we hold so dear, to all Americans and all

they hold dear?

When we celebrate Wendy Davis, remember to cheer Leticia de Putte who gladly

took the baton and carried on.

Celebrate lives of Arizona “Hot Shots,” by cutting back trees from homes and

power lines.  

When thinking Edith Windsor and Harvey Milk, think also of Thea Clara Spyer

and all those who can no longer celebrate anniversaries.  

When we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., reverently acknowledge

Representative John Lewis – especially after a 5-4 skillful surgical removal

of what Congressman Lewis was nearly beaten to death to achieve.

Of course, not all members of Congress are heroes, nor all nine Supremes

skillfully dissecting what has made America exceptional since before the

first Independence Day.

Most remember giving most newcomers work, fraternity home, and eventually,

sometimes, health and educational opportunities.

In return America was enhanced and evolved into ‘The Beautiful,’ away from

senators who intimidate gridiron folks to reject Obamacare’s new green

energy, for health insurance green.

Yet, I still have a dream, that one twenty-eighth day of August we will hold

these truths to be self-evident: The Declaration of Independence is now the

Emancipation of the Equal Rights Amendment with equal voting rights &

marriage rights for all, for that’s American justice.

Then we can celebrate like heroes with Mandela forgiveness, after

non-violent Gandhi like Marches on Columbus, Ohio, Perry’s Austin,

McDonnell’s Rolex Richmond and all state capitals warring against the rights

of American women and men of every shade, color, political & sexual

persuasion and yes, religion.

Now let us march again, but heroically uniting where marching is needed —

to carry on!