Michael Mann: “Scientists shouldn’t have to look over their shoulders”


    The following email is from former UVA Professor Michael Mann, the target of Ken Cuccinelli's out-of-control witch hunt, using the power of the government against a scientist because Cuccinelli disagreed with him (and/or is doing the bidding of his masters in the fossil fuel industry). Meanwhile, as much as Ken Kookinelli and his fossil industry puppet masters might disagree, yet another, major new report finds "unprecedented" global warming since 2000. Who are you going to believe, 97% of climate scientists, or some political hacks and robber barons who profit from trashing the earth? Tough one, I know. 😉

    "Scientists shouldn't have to look over their shoulders whenever they do work whose conclusions might offend somebody with a political ax to grind."

    That's what the Richmond Times Dispatch had to say about Ken Cuccinelli's investigation of my research at the University of Virginia. He subpoenaed thousands of documents about my work in climate science — just because he didn't like my academic conclusions.

    I've moved my research to Penn State, but I was back in the Commonwealth this week meeting with scientists and researchers at some of our leading universities to make sure they know one thing:

    Terry McAuliffe believes science is science and thinks researchers should be able to do their work without government interference.

    If you agree that science is science, please add your name to this petition telling Ken Cuccinelli that politicians have no business investigating scientific research they don't agree with:


    Thanks for standing up for science — and for me.


    Professor Michael Mann