1 Year of Bad Medicine: Intrusive, Medically Unnecessary Ultrasound Mandate Hits First Anniversary


    Richmond, VA – One year ago today Virginia’s controversial mandatory ultrasound law took effect. Ken Cuccinelli and his allies pushed through the divisive measure as part of their extreme social agenda. The invasive policy forces women to undergo a medically unnecessary procedure.

    “Politicians should not be making personal medical decisions that are best made between a woman and her doctor.  This ultrasound law mandates an intrusive procedure that serves no medical purpose, only political ones, and ignores science to legislate what a woman should do with her body,” said Ralph Northam candidate for Lt. Governor and the only doctor in the Virginia Senate. “I am running for Lt. Governor to put an end to the divisive social agenda that puts jobs and our families last.  Whether it is the personhood bill that would ban contraception or the invasive ultrasound mandate; I led the fight in the state Senate against these attacks on women’s health and I will do the same as Lt. Governor.”

    Doctor Ralph Northam has been a leader on health care issues in the General Assembly and is the lead patron to repeal the current ultrasound law. His Republican opponent E.W. Jackson opposes all abortion rights, even in cases of rape, incest, and endangering the life of the mother, and shares the extreme social agenda of Ken Cuccinelli. NARAL Virginia and Planned Parenthood, the leading advocacy organizations for women’s health, have endorsed Ralph Northam.