PPP: Virginians Support Gun Background Checks, Voting Rights Act, Hillary Clinton, Mark Warner


    Not that any of this is a surprise, but PPP’s latest poll finds the following:

    *Virginians overwhelmingly (75%-18%) support background checks “for all gun sales, including gun shows and the Internet.” Why is this even the least bit controversial? (hint: its initials are N-R-A)

    *By a more than 2:1 margin (45%-20%), Virginians support the Voting Rights Act. By a similar margin  (48%-23%), they oppose the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn parts of it. Opposition to the VRA is, shockingly (not), from white, conservative Republicans – the same people freaked out that we have an African American (or as they call him “Kenyan,” “anti-colonialist,” “socialist,” “Muslim,” “radical,” “not really American”) in the White House. Never would have guessed that, huh?

    *Finally, Hillary Clinton would easily defeat Bob McDonnell for President in Virginia. She’s also beat Jeb Bush (47%-42%), Marco Rubio (49%-37%), and Rand Paul (51%-39%). The only Republican who would give her a run for her money in Virginia? Chris Christie, who trails Clinton by just 1 point (42%-41%), probably due to a percentage of Democrats who mistakenly think he’s a reasonable, moderate guy. He’s not.

    *Sen. Mark Warner would crush any Republican opponent (e.g, 18 points over Bill Bolling) for reelection in 2014. Barring some unforeseen disaster, this one’s over before it even begins.

    *Tim Kaine sports a 43%-40% approval rating, about what Jim Webb had when he was Senator. Apparently, if your last name’s not “Warner,” you’re just a generic “R” or “D” when it comes to approval ratings for a U.S. Senator from Virginia. Kinda strange and inexplicable, really.

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