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Richmond Entrepreneur Jim Ukrop Joins Virginians For Terry McAuliffe


From the McAuliffe for Governor campaign:

Richmond Entrepreneur Jim Ukrop Joins Virginians For Terry McAuliffe

Jim Ukrop today joined Virginians for Terry McAuliffe, the nonpartisan group of Republicans, Independents, Democrats, and business leaders working to elect a pragmatic businessman as Virginia’s next Governor.

“We need a Governor who understands how to navigate the serious economic challenges we are facing in Virginia right now,” Ukrop said. “The global economy is changing faster than ever, and federal budget cuts and sequestration mean more uncertainty lies ahead for people who live and work in the Commonwealth. These are tough and complex problems, and Terry McAuliffe has the perspective and temperament to take them on.”

Ukrop based his support on McAuliffe’s commitment to public education.

“We will have a strong workforce in the future only if we adequately prepare students today,” Ukrop said. “That needs to start even before kindergarten, so that students enter school healthy and ready to learn. Dropping out of school isn’t an event-it’s the last step in a long process that often begins long before kids even start school. That’s why Virginia needs to invest in public education, so students can achieve at every step and graduate ready to enter the workforce. Terry understands that.”

He also cited McAuliffe’s support for changing Virginia’s electoral map to encourage political competition.

“Virginia’s system of electoral mapping is purposefully designed to limit competition and protect the jobs of current officeholders,” Ukrop said. “It’s no surprise that nearly half of Virginia’s elected officials don’t have an opponent this year. That’s wrong. It means Republicans represent Republican districts, Democrats represent Democratic districts, and no one gets along after the election is over. We need more competition in Virginia, not less, because robust competition encourages public officials to make decisions on behalf of everyone, not just their own partisan supporters. Terry gets this.”

Jim Ukrop is a partner at New Richmond Ventures, a venture capital firm that mentors high-potential startups with a passion for positive social impact. He previously worked as Chairman and CEO of Ukrop’s Supermarkets and as Chairman of First Market Bank. He has served on the Board of Visitors of the College of William & Mary and has been a tireless advocate for the Richmond public school system. He has supported elected officials of both parties.

Virginians for McAuliffe is a bipartisan coalition of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents from across Virginia who are committed to electing a Governor who will bring people together to focus on mainstream solutions to the issues that are important to all Virginians. The group’s leaders include:

·      Former House Appropriations Chairman Vince Callahan

·      Former Senate Finance Chairman John Chichester

·      Former House Education Chairman Jim Dillard

·      Former Senate Education & Health Chairman Russ Potts

·      Former Del. Katherine Waddell

·      Former Scott & Stringfellow CEO & Vice Chairman John Sherman

·      Republican strategist Judy Ford Wason led inter-governmental affairs in the White House for President Ronald Reagan. She is a former member of the Republican National Committee, and she mentored a young Karl Rove as he got his start in Virginia politics in the 1970’s.

Additional members are Dwight Schar, a former finance chair of the Republican National Committee, and hotelier Bruce Thompson of Virginia Beach, a member of Governor McDonnell’s Economic Development and Jobs Creation Commission.

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