Target Virginia pols taking Koch pledge to block climate action


    A: How do you stop the U.S. from taking action on a global threat whose existence has been documented through the peer-reviewed, published research of 97% of the scientists who’ve studied it?

    B: Label all attempts at dealing with this issue a “tax” and get soulless politicians to pledge to oppose any action.

    Such has been the strategy of the Koch Brothers in directing their wholly-owned subsidiary, the Republican party. Their “No Climate Tax” pledge has attracted the signatures of 411 political hacks, only 3 of whom were Democrats — and every one of whom needs to be politically targeted with the goal of ending their political careers, for the sake of a healthy future for our kids.

    You can see the list of signatories here. I’ve listed Virginia signers below, to put all our allies on notice of the need to work hard to send these losers into involuntary retirement.

    A few points:

    – Note the presence of Republicans like Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and Rep. Scott Rigell, who have sometimes been alleged to be “moderates” — but clearly not when the money and support of the Koch brothers and Fossil Fuel Lobby are at stake.

    – This list underscores the importance of finding strong Democrats to run against potentially vulnerable Republicans on this list, like Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel.

    – Interesting that a coastal community like Virginia Beach would actually have a City Councilwoman (Rosemary Wilson) willing to let it bear the ravages of sea level rise and more violent and frequent storms.

    And here is the Commonwealth’s Climate Rogue’s Gallery:

    US House

    Scott Rigell – U.S. Representative – 2nd District

    Robert Hurt – U.S. Representative – 5th District

    Eric Cantor – U.S. Representative – 7th District – Majority Leader

    Morgan Griffith – U.S. Representative – 9th District

    State Officials

    Bill Bolling – Lieutenant Governor

    Ken Cuccinelli II – Gubernatorial Candidate

    State Senate

    Steve Martin- State Senator – 11th District

    Frank M. Ruff Jr.- State Senator – 15th District

    Jill H. Vogel- State Senator – 27th District

    State House

    Lacey Putney – State Delegate – 19th District

    Tommy Wright – State Delegate – 61st District

    M. Kirkland Cox – State Delegate – 66th District – Majority Whip

    Brenda Pogge – State Delegate – 96th District


    Rosemary Wilson – City Councilwoman, Virginia Beach

    Evict them all!


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