Tell McDonnell and Cuccinelli to Come Clean Now!


    It’s time Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli come clean with Virginians.  It’s clear that together they have received almost $200,000 in “gifts,” “loans,” cash, vacations and fun-filled trips around the country from just one company, Star Scientific.  And that is just what we know about.

    Please sign our petition asking McDonnell and Cuccinelli to “Come Clean!!”…

    The latest revelation in this scandal “is rapidly recasting the state’s image for clean government” according to today’s Washington Post.  McDonnell and Cuccinelli either failed to report these “gifts” at all or reported them late “inadvertently.”

    We deserve to know not only all the gifts they received from Star Scientific, but what other gifts did they and their family members receive from other high profile companies?  What favors have McDonnell and Cuccinelli provided?

    Sign this petition demanding accountability.

    Also please forward this to your friends, tweet it, and post it on Facebook.  Let’s get as many signatures as we can demanding that McDonnell and Cuccinelli come clean with the folks they are supposed to serve.


    Donald McEachin

    Chair, Senate Democratic Caucus

    Authorized and paid for by Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus.  


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