Video: Cuccinelli Says League of Women Voters/AARP Debate a “left wing, stacked” Forum!!!


    So…Ken Cuccinelli is nuts AND corrupt AND extreme AND a coward. Check this out:

    Ken Cuccinelli Monday dismissed a proposed AARP Virginia and League of Women Voters gubernatorial debate as a “left wing, stacked” affair, one week after he missed a deadline to sign on as a participant in the forum.

    Responding to a reporter’s question about why he declined the invitation, the attorney general and Republican nominee for governor offered that assessment while campaigning in Norfolk.

    “Oh, the left wing, stacked debate,” Cuccinelli said. “Well, you’ve got MSNBC as the proposed folks running it.”

    That debate had been tentatively scheduled for Oct. 14.

    It was to be moderated by CBS This Morning host Norah O’Donnell, a former MSNBC host, and  broadcast by Richmond area CBS affiliate and a local public television station, with the option for other broadcasters to pick up the feed.

    The jointly-sponsored event has been a traditional debate during statewide races in Virginia: Tim Kaine and George Allen participated last year, while Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds faced-off in that forum four years ago.

    So, this debate – which is NOT run by MSNBC, nor are AARP and the League of Women Voters “left wing” – was good enough for George Allen and Bob McDonnell, but not for Ken Cuccinelli? That really says it all about Cooch, huh?

    P.S. You’ve also gotta love Cuccinelli’s claim that the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce is somehow neutral. In fact, according to VPAP, the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce has given 65% of its donations to Republicans, 24% to “Other,” and a miniscule 9% to Democrats since 2001. That includes $5,000 to Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), $2,250 to House Speaker Bill Howell (R-ALEC), etc. But this organization is fair and balanced in Cuccinelli’s (warped) mind? Of course, he also probably thinks Faux “News” (aka, 24/7 GOP Propaganda Channel) is really “fair and balanced.”  Heh.

    P.P.S. According to VPAP, the AARP has given 52% to Virginia Republicans, 48% to Virginia Democrats.  


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