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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, July 30. And yes, I despise bottled water…environmental disaster and total boondoggle.

*Pope Francis On Gay Priests: ‘Who Am I To Judge?’ (I’m liking this Pope more and more, even as Ken Cuccinelli’s probably liking him less and less. LOL)

*Fox News’s worst interview yet (“The network owes author Reza Aslan an apology.” And the person doing the interview should never work on TV again, and the network should pledge to never conduct ANY interview like this again, etc. But none of that will happen, most likely, because this is the egregious Faux “News” we’re talking about.)

*Gerson: The GOP’s offensive, clueless minority (Wait, I thought it was the majority?)

*Kaine wants more effort to speed transfer from Guantanamo

*Kaine to chair key Middle East panel

*Mitt Romney’s Incredible 47-Percent Denial: “Actually, I Didn’t Say That” (He’s always been a pathological liar, why stop now? Actually, in all seriousness, Willard needs to get psychological help. He’s delusional.)

*Campaign chest or slush fund? (“Under Virginia’s flimsy finance laws, the first lady’s use of McDonnell  campaign funds is legal.”)

*Debate discord surfaces in LG race (“Democratic nominee Ralph Northam raised the issue Monday morning when he challenged Republican nominee E.W. Jackson to accept three debate invitations: an AARP-sponsored formum at Virginia Tech, another in Richmond and a third at Northern Virginia’s George Mason University.”)

*Conservative film flays McAuliffe’s Va. biz deals (Citizens United “was a litigant in a case that produced a 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision giving corporations, labor unions and other organizations greater freedom to spend on political causes.” That’s right, one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever…and this is the group that started it. Blech.)

*Ad targets Cuccinelli fight with climate scientist

*McDonnell’s private lawyers bill the state $54,000 in embezzlement case (“About $24,000 was for McDonnell himself, and the rest was to help his staff respond to FOIA request”)

*Who knows Virginia? Not (fill in the blank) … (“McAuliffe actually said he wanted to ‘four-lane 58 all the way out from the port.'” Uhhhh…last I checked “all the way out” means from beginning to end. But not in Ken Kookinelli’s weird world, apparently.)

*Today’s top opinion: Elegy (“The supposition that Virginia’s tradition of gentlemanly government means that the commonwealth does not require remedies for greed appropriate for, say, Louisiana invites derision. It does not set a high bar to say Virginia is not as bad as the worst.”)

*Expectations  for intermodal (“A study of the freight train terminal can keep the project percolating”)

*Broken promises on Craney Island

*Grass-roots campaign rallies opponents of Bi-County Parkway

*Dog days of summer will be all wag and no bite for at least another day


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