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Video: NC Motorcycle Safety and Abortion Restriction Legislation Offers Preview for VA?


I wanted to post this video, by Eric Byler and Annabel Park, for two reasons. First, to say THANK YOU to Annabel and Eric for the great work they’ve been doing – as part of their Story of America documentary film project – in covering North Carolina’s meltdown from a model for the “new South” into a right-wing loony bin, under Teapublican misrule of course. Second, to show yet again the types of extremism that could await Virginia if we’re foolish enough to elect Ken Cuccinelli and his Tea Party clones this November.

P.S. See the “flip” for Annabel and Eric’s explanation of what happened today.

Motorcycle safety and abortion restriction measures passed the North Carolina House today and will be referred to the NC Senate, which has already passed similar abortion restrictions attached to a “Sharia Law” bill.

In the House version, requirements of health clinics that offer abortion are less stringent than in the Senate. It is understood that closed-door negotiations between House Speaker Thom Tillis and Gov. Pat McCrory led to this vote, which many believe could clear the way for McCrory to sign the legislation, saying he had succeeded in making abortion restrictions more moderate.

Read about the changes here:


This debate was not as interesting as the Senate debate, nor was it as passionate. Or, perhaps it just seemed that way because we were shut out of the House floor and could not get a good angle filming from the gallery above.

This video was edited and uploaded while we were still inside the North Carolina General Assembly waiting for the historic session to end. As this video was uploading, we were able to get an interview with House Rep. Rick Glazier, who figured prominently in today’s debate. Video soon.