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Video: New Ad Rips Cuccinelli for Anti-Climate-Science “Witch Hunt”


I’m very happy to see this, as Cuccinelli richly deserves to lose the election on this issue alone. As for the politics, as National Journal pointed out yesterday, it now makes a LOT of sense to talk about climate change. Why? In part, because of polls like one “released earlier this year by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication,” which “found that 58 percent of registered voters say they will consider a candidate’s position on global warming when deciding how to vote; among that group, 83 percent say global warming is happening, and 65 percent believe it is caused by human activity.” My favorite part of that poll: “Just 5 percent of registered voters believe global warming isn’t real and say that belief would influence their choice for president.” Also, voters under 35, basically think you’re an “ignorant,” “out of touch” “crazy” person if you deny climate science. All true, but still, not adjectives a politician necessarily wants attached to their name.

So yeah, let’s talk about climate change. Let’s also talk about Cuccinelli’s massive abuse of power and assault on academic freedom (or, as Cuckoo might call it, the “liberty pie” – heh). As if his climate science denial wasn’t enough of an automatic disqualifier for public office – just like if he denied evolution – Cuccinelli’s abuse of power is a sign that he’s dangerous and should NEVER be entrusted with any position of authority.  Period, end of story.

P.S. Also, needless to say, Cuccinelli’s assault on the University of Virginia, with its tens of thousands of loyal alumni, is not exactly the brightest move politically speaking…


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