Video: Senator Mark Herring Speaks at 2013 LGBT Democrats of Virginia Equality Breakfast


    In his introduction to Virginia’s next Attorney General, Sen. Mark Herring, Sen. Donald McEachin gets a big round of applause when he says that “we need to get politics out of the Attorney General’s office.”  In Herring’s speech, he emphasizes that we still have a lot more work to do in Virginia on LGBT equality. Herring talks about how Ken Cuccinelli “time and time again” used the Attorney General’s office to advance his personal, extreme ideological agenda, by misstating and/or manipulating and/or twisting the law, “and that’s an abuse of the powers of the office.” Herring said if we can thank Ken Cuccinelli for one thing, it’s that we all now realize how important the Attorney General’s office is in Virginia. Herring pledged to use the Attorney General’s office to promote LGBT equality, stop discrimination against LGBT Virginians, and to use the office as a bully pulpit to push for repeal of the anti-gay-marriage “Marshall-Newman Amendment.” I don’t know about you, but I am SO looking forward to saying the words “Attorney General Mark Herring,” I can’t even tell you. 🙂

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