Virginia Democratic party going after Cuccinelli on gifts


    Let me offer without comment the contents of an email blast just sent out by Brian Coy, communications director of the Democratic Party of Virginia (apologies on any formatting difficulties)

    Is $6,700 of Nutritional Supplements Cuccinelli’s Idea of a ‘Reasonable’ Gift Cap?

    WTVR caught Ken Cuccinelli yesterday and attempted to nail him down on whether he will accept a gift ban in light of his and Governor McDonnell’s ethics scandal over gifts from Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams. No such luck:

    “Cuccinelli would not say whether he supports what his opponent, Terry McAuliffe, has proposed; a $100 dollar limit on gifts to politicians and their immediate families. Cuccinelli only said he would support ‘any reasonable cap.'”

    The Attorney General may be ducking specifics about what gift cap he would accept, but his history with Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams offers an idea of the types of gifts he deems “reasonable:”

    * Flight to New York paid for by Jonnie Williams $628

    * Lodging in Jonnie Williams’ Home – $800

    * Thanksgiving Dinner at Jonnie Williams’ Smith Mountain Lake House – $1500

    * Summer vacation at Jonnie Williams’ Smith Mountain Lake House – $3000

    * Flight to Kentucky – $3200

    * Box of Anatabloc nutritional supplement – $6700

    “Since Ken Cuccinelli won’t tell Virginians if he agrees with Terry McAuliffe’s $100 gift ban, it’s ‘reasonable’ to assume that he has not had a sudden change of heart about accepting thousands in gifts from Jonnie Williams, who has had conflicts of interest with his office,” said DPVA spokesman Brian Coy. “Virginians know that accepting those gifts, and ‘forgetting’ to disclose many of them, placed Cuccinelli in a scandalous conflict of interest. If he finally recognizes that, he should say come clean and accept the McAuliffe gift ban.”


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