Big Confederate flag to welcome visitors to Richmond


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    A group of Virginia residents say that they are purchasing a plot of land and intend to use it to fly a 15-foot Confederate battle flag in the view of motorists driving on Interstate 95 near Richmond.

    In a message on the Free North Carolina website, Susan Hathaway explained that the group Virginia Flaggers would begin installing the flag next week.

    “The Va Flaggers are THRILLED to announce that we have finalized a lease to acquire property adjacent to Interstate 95, just South of Richmond, and will be erecting a 50′ pole, on which a 10 x15 Confederate Battle Flag will fly 24/7, 365 days of the year,” Hathaway wrote. “The flag will serve to welcome visitors and commuters to Richmond, and remind them of our honorable Confederate history and heritage.”

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    Great.  Just great.

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