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Cuccinelli: I’m a “big believer in transparency,” anyone want “$6,700 worth of food supplements?”


So, back in April this was Ken Cuccinelli, talking about how he’s supposedly a “big believer in transparency,” and making a big joke about the gifts he received from Star Scientific’s Jonnie Williams (Cuccinelli flippantly says, “if anyone wants $6,700 worth of food supplements, you know, I’m your man!”). Now, fast forward 3+ months, and Cuccinelli’s not so big on transparency after all, stating yesterday that “he has no plans to repay the more than $18,000 in gifts” from Jonnie Williams, and claiming that “There are some bells you can’t unring.” Well, actually, Cuccinelli COULD “unring” the gifts from Jonnie Williams by…wait for it…writing a check for the value of those gifts. I know, what a concept. Not too difficult for most of us to understand, but apparently it is FAR too difficult for this “big believer in transparency” to grasp.

Of course, in this guy’s bizarre mind, the rest of the world is all part of a vast “left-wing, stacked” conspiracy – you know, one where the government tracks your kids via Social Security numbers, where President Obama might not really have been born in the United States (and might not be the legitimate president of our country), where climate science is all a big farce, etc, etc. – in Krazy Kookinelli world. How can this guy even be RUNNING for governor, let alone the nominee of a major (albeit bat**** crazy) party? It’s astounding.

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