Video: Climate Scientist Michael Mann Lays Out Stark Choice for Virginians


    I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again and again: anyone who denies climate science should be marginalized, laughed at, treated as a pariah, and certainly not considered for political office, let alone governor of Virginia! In addition, regardless of the specific topic of climate science, Ken Cuccinelli’s “monomaniacal witch hunt of intimidation, persecution and bullying” (in Chris Hayes’ words) against UVA Professor Michael Mann, represents a clear case of (massive) abuse of government power, and should also, in and of itself, automatically rule out Ken Cuccinelli for public – let alone higher – office.

    As for Michael Mann, we should all be profoundly grateful to him for his courage and perseverance in fighting back against Cuccinelli’s (and others’) thuggish attacks on science, on climate scientists, and on him personally. And we should listen to this great scientist as he lays out the “stark choice” facing Virginians when they vote for governor this November: 1) Terry McAuliffe, who “embraces science and technology” and who “recognizes that technological innovation is what’s going to help Virginia compete in the world economy in the 21st century”; and 2) Ken Cuccinelli, “who views science as something to attack if it doesn’t comport with his ideological views or the views of the special interests who fund his campaigns.”

    That’s about as stark a choice as you can get, and it’s not a difficult one. That is, if you believe in science, reason, the Enlightment, freedom of thought and from persecution by corrupt, bullying government officials like Ken Cuccinelli. Tough one, huh? (not)


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