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Politico: “Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer going big in Virginia governor’s race”


Excellent news!

Tom Steyer, the environmentalist billionaire who has mounted a national campaign opposing the Keystone XL pipeline, has directed his political operation to spend heavily in the Virginia governor’s race in support of Democrat Terry McAuliffe, POLITICO has learned.

Steyer, a California-based financier, instructed advisers on Friday to launch television ads starting this week. The paid-media blitz from his group, NextGen Climate Action, will be the opening salvo in what’s expected to be a much larger effort aimed at mobilizing and turning out climate-oriented voters in a key off-year gubernatorial race.

I’m very much looking forward to Ken Cuccinelli being outed as the stooge for the Koch brothers, CONSOL, etc. that he is. Also, it’s long past time that energy and environmental issues rose to the top of Virginians’ – and Americans’ – agenda. Yes, other things are important too, but NONE of it will matter if we don’t have a planet we can live on. Which is exactly what will happen, in the not-too-distant future, if we follow Ken Cuccinelli’s preferred course of action: burn every last drop, lump, or gas molecule until the planet is fried to a crisp, as long as the Koch brothers, etc. become exceedingly wealthy in doing so. As for everyone else (and every other species – aka, “god’s creation,” as many religious people, Ken Cuccinelli excepted, believe)? Screw them, basically – that’s Cuccinelli’s attitude.

P.S. For some video of Tom Steyer speaking at the pro-clean-energy, pro-climate-action, anti-Keystone-tar-sands-pipeline rally on the Mall last winter, see the video.  


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