Radio Show I Did this Morning: You Can Hear It Here


    schmookler and huffmanThis morning I did a radio show in Harrisonburg, Virgnia on the station on which I’ve appeared for years –with a couple of years off for the campaign.

    The new format pairs me with a young, educated libertarian/ Tea-Partier / Republican. I find him a responsible interlocutor. (Mr. Huffman is sufficiently disgusted with the negativity of Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign that he’s working on behalf of the campaign of Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian nominee.)

    We chose what to talk about, and had free rein to discuss the issues as we please.

    We discussed Obamacare, the Constitution, and what the Republicans are trying to do to repeal it. My interlocutor does not like the federal government involved in much.

    We discussed climate change– about half way in– about the science, about the Republican Party’s climate-change-denying dogma, about the energy companies’ acting as the tobacco companies did, etc.

    Both those topics gave me ample opportunity to make, in a less provocative way than sometimes, my main points about the off-the-wallness and destructiveness of today’s Republican Party.

    I felt good about the show. I commend it to your attention.


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