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Setting the Record Straight Vs. “No, No, No”


I just received the following email from the McAuliffe campaign, referencing Terry's new Washington Post piece, "Setting the record straight on GreenTech." Bottom line: there's "no there there," basically, when it comes to the Cuccinelli campaign's overheated, borderline hysterical, attacks on this fledgling U.S.-based car company. Of course, this IS the "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" party, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, you've gotta love the contrast between Terry McAuliffe's "setting the record straight" and Ken Cuccinelli's "No, No, No" (refusing to answer reporters' totally reasonable, and important, questions on the conduct of Cuccinelli's office). 

Below is an op-ed from Terry in Washington Post. While Terry has repeatedly addressed questions from reporters about both his  experience and his policy ideas, this week Ken Cuccinelli physically fled reporter questions about the Inspector General investigation of his office, saying "no, no, no" in response to their attempts to query him on the matter. 

Cuccinelli continued to dodge reporters' questions yesterday, saying that he "cooperated like crazy" with the investigation but could not remember any specific information sought by the Inspector General. Virginians deserve real answers from Ken Cuccinelli about the assistance his office has provided to out-of-state energy companies, one of which is a major donor to his campaign, in their fight against Southwest Virginia landowners.

Setting the record straight on GreenTech 


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