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EV Advocates: Meet the Candidates – Atif Qarni


Do you know about Atif Qarni? Well, you ought to! Challenging incumbent Bob Marshall to represent HD-13, Qarni is on the side of LGBT rights! You heard right, Manassas Park and Prince William County residents have a chance to replace Delegate Bob Marshall with somebody who will never say “sodomy is not a civil right,” will never lead an effort to block a gay person from becoming a district judge, and will never introduce an amendment to ban gay marriage in the state of Virginia. You guessed it…you can thank incumbent Bob Marshall for the Marshall-Newman Amendment that bans same-sex marriage in the Commonwealth. Delegate Marshall has been called one of the most homophobic and gay hating members of the Virginia General Assembly. Thankfully Atif Qarni is on the scene. He looks at LGBT rights through a completely difference lens. For starters, if elected, Atif Qarni will work to repeal the very Amendment that Bob Marshall wrote. He “will support efforts to extend full and equal recognition to same-sex marriages.” Phew – that would be a change. Getting Qarni elected would be symbolic of Virginia’s path toward the future. After all, we can’t stay stuck in the dark ages forever. Qarni supports legislation to protect state employees from discrimination, and believes that we must have policies in place that ensure that children are not bullied based on their real or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. And, when asked if he supports second-parent adoptions, he said “both parents in a same-sex couple deserve to have legal parental rights of their child. Children also deserve to have two legal parents as well, just like in a straight couple family.” In short, Qarni is an outspoken supporter of the LGBT community. He won’t let us down. Replacing Bob Marshall in the House of Delegates would be very valuable on the path toward LGBT equality. Qarni needs your support. Vote for him on November 5th. Join Atif Qarni for a special event on Friday, October 11 at 5 p.m. Wanna make last minute plans for Saturday? Volunteer with the Qarni campaign at 10AM. We’d love to have you join us. Sign up here! -

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NARAL Pro-Choice Candidate Profile: Atif Qarni, District 13


By: Marieke van Rijn, Advocacy and Communications Intern

Our 100% pro-choice candidate of the day is Atif Qarni. Qarni is a former Marine and is currently an 8th grade math teacher at Beville Middle School in Prince William County who is running to represent District 13 in the Virginia House of Delegates. Qarni, a first time candidate, is running to defeat extreme anti-choice incumbent Bob Marshall. Qarni is a 100% pro-choice candidate because he believes that family planning decisions are personal and not something for the government to be involved inImage. If elected, Qarni promises to fight those who target Planned Parenthood and those who try to restrict access to contraception, prenatal care, and other health services for women. Qarni’s opponent Bob Marshall is in his 11th term and has been serving in the House of Delegates since 1991. During his tenure, Marshall has made pushing his anti-choice stance a priority, so much so that the mainstream Republican party regularly pressures him to back off on his extremism. Marshall is the author of the state’s fetal personhood bill and has stated that he doesn’t care if his anti-choice stance could stall or kill an important bill, because he puts his anti-choice stance above all else. With the federal government having been just shut down as a result of representatives putting their extreme anti-choice stances ahead of funding the government, electing someone who is willing to take similar actions in the General Assembly would just be absurd. Atif Qarni will focus on problem-solving, not creating problems by keeping women from being able to make their own medical decisions. We strongly encourage you to donate your time, money or resources to his campaign to ensure that Marshall will not use his anti-choice stance to obstruct the House of Delegates from properly governing Virginia.  

Atif Qarni Statement from House District 13 Candidate Forum at Heritage Hunt

GAINESVILLE, VA - On Wednesday night teacher and former Marine Atif Qarni, squared off against incumbent Delegate Bob Marshall in a candidate forum sponsored by the Heritage Hunt Homeowners Association.
Qarni and Marshall spoke on a broad range of issues, including transportation, education, healthcare and social issues, as well as their overall philosophy on representing the district.

"I want to take our district in a new direction. Since my time in the Marine Corps, my philosophy has been to work together with others to get things done and that is the approach I will take if I am elected," said Qarni.  "Our district's delegate should not be focused on their own agenda, but instead working together with constituents and members of both parties to improve traffic congestion and make our schools better."

Delegate Marshall has a long record of advocating for divisive and extreme stands on social issues. Delegate Marshall is the author of the Personhood Bill which would ban contraception [HB 1, 2012]. He also opposes abortions in all circumstances, including in cases of rape and incest, and even when the life of the mother is at risk [Arlington Catholic Herald, 4/4/13] [Washington Times, 3/30/08].

In contrast, Qarni said in his closing statement, "I have been focused on the issues affecting our district like reducing traffic congestion, supporting our schools, and supporting our local businesses since day one."


Atif Qarni Earns Support of Firefighters, Teachers, and Labor Unions

Former marine and current Prince William County teacher Atif Qarni has earned the endorsements of the Virginia Professional Firefighters, Virginia AFL-CIO, SEIU Local 512, and recommendations of the Virginia Education Association and Prince William Education Assocation.

"As a teacher, I am a proud union member and I look forward to working with teachers, firefighters, and other hard working union members and their families to win this delegate seat and to be a strong voice for working families in Richmond," said Qarni.

Qarni is running to represent the 13th District in the House of Delegates, which covers western Prince William County and Manassas Park. He is running against incumbent Delegate Bob Marshall who has repeatedly voted to cut resources for Virginia schools, including over $600 million in school funding in 2010 House Budget, HB 30. [Richmond Times Dispatch, 2/28/10; House Minutes, 2/25/10]

Atif Qarni at Brigades August Meeting

Video from last night's Brigades Meeting in which Atif Qarni talks about why he is the right choice for Delegate in the 13th District.

Atif Qarni for Delegate Office Opening

UPDATE by Lowell 8/3/13: Check out the photos, here and on the "flip" - by the apparently omnipresent Catherine S. Read - from today's office opening. Great to see Virginia's next Attorney General, Mark Herring, there supporting Atif Qarni as he work to defeat the atrocious Del. "Sideshow" Bob Marshall.

Atif Qarni for the 13th District of Virginia's House of Delegates to Host Office Opening on August 3rd

MANASSAS - On Saturday August 3rd, Democratic Candidate Atif Qarni, along with Senator Mark Herring, Delegate Sickles and other supporters will host an office opening at 11am at their new campaign office located at 7614 Centreville Rd, Manassas, VA 20111.

Atif Qarni is the Democratic nominee for the 13th District of Virginia's House of Delegates. He was a Marine for eight years, including a tour in Iraq in 2003 in which he was one of the first to enter Baghdad. He is currently an eighth grade math teacher at nearby Beville Middle School as well as actively involved in his community. He lives in Manassas with his wife and two young sons.

Atif Qarni is running for the House of Delegates because he believes our district needs a new representative, one who will focus on important issues like creating good paying jobs, reducing traffic and congestion and making sure our schools are the best they can be.
Qarni wants to continue his record of service by representing the 13th District in the House of Delegates and to focus on the needs of the district and of Virginia, instead of a personal extreme right wing social agenda. He is challenging Republican Delegate Bob Marshall who opposed the bipartisan transportation plan, has voted to cut hundreds of million dollars from school funding, and who is a leader in the effort to restrict access to family planning services for Virginia women.

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