Government shutdown


    The House Republicans just voted to shut down the government. Their bill demands that Obamacare be delayed, the tax on medical instruments be repealed, and oh yes, gives corporations the right to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage to women.

    This latter is presumably in accord of purging what remains of female support for the party by reducing us to the status of broodmares.

    Not one part of that bill has anything to do with rebuilding the infrastructure, increasing jobs, or even reducing the deficit

    All but two members of House Republican Party, plus two Democrats, voted for this thing, stating that they were doing what the vast majority of Americans wanted.

    On what planet do these people spend most of their time? They might want to review the Fox News election night coverage scene in which Karl Rove famously refused to believe what FOX told him: Romney lost. Rove threw a temper tantrum too, when confronted with incontrovertible fact.

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