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Mark Herring: Statements Made at Cuccinelli Rally “a disgrace to Loudoun County & the Commonwealth”


The following statement is from the Mark Herring for Attorney General campaign. Also see the video in the comments section, and the photo to the right of Mark Obenshain and this John Whitbeck character. 


Candidate calls for Obenshain and Cuccinelli supporter to make a public apology

Democratic candidate for Attorney General Mark Herring condemned inflammatory comments made by 10th District Republican Committee chairman John Whitbeck. Whitbeck – who has been a strong supporter of Mark Obenshain – made the offensive comments during a rally for Ken Cuccinelli. Herring released the following statement:

“As a representative of Loudoun County, I have worked hard to foster an environment that is welcoming of people of all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds. Mr. Whitbeck’s comments stand in stark contrast to those beliefs, and the efforts of so many in our community to promote acceptance.

“His comments were offensive, deplorable and a disgrace to Loudoun County and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Whitbeck needs to issue a public apology immediately for his statement, and every candidate on the Republican ticket should condemn these types of inflammatory comments.” 


During a rally for the Cuccinelli campaign earlier today, it was reported by the Washington Postthat Whitbeck “kicked off the festivities by telling a joke about how the head of the Jewish religion presented the pope with a long, elaborate document that the Jewish leader said was a bill for the last supper.” 


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