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New Video: Ken Cuccinelli — Lessons Unlearned (and Bells Unrung?)


From American Bridge:

Once again, Cuccinelli put his flawed ethical judgment on full display. Not only did Cuccinelli own stock in a company his office was fighting in court, he received more than $18,000 in gifts, flights, meals and vacations from its CEO. After waves of bad publicity forced him to admit a conflict of interest and recuse himself from two separate court cases, Cuccinelli still maintains his actions were “certainly not unethical.”

Cuccinelli says he’s learned lessons from this ordeal, but since he STILL maintains he never did anything wrong, he has a lot left to learn.

So, are those bells Cuccinelli said you can’t “unring” now “unrung” or what? Who knows, but just don’t ask him about it, or you’ll get the “NO NO NO!” treatment he’s given other reporters. LOL, what a joke this campaign – and this candidate – is, just flailing around, apparently without a strategy, a plan, or a clue. #FAIL all around.


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