On Harrisonburg Radio Wednesday Morning; Virginia Elections on the Agenda


    I will be on the radio Wednesday morning on the main AM station broadcasting out of Harrisonburg, Virginia:  WSVA, 55 on the AM dial.  

    I will be paired with Joshua Huffman, who describes himself as a “Paleo-Conservative,” discussing matters of our politics from 10:10 until 11:00 AM Wednesday morning.

    Issues that Joshua and I are planning to discuss are:

    1) The upcoming Virginia elections

    2) The looming debt ceiling crisis, and

    3) The issue of liberty, and what dimensions of liberty are most important.

    I will have as my main agenda what I’ve had as my main agenda pretty much non-stop for the past nine years:  to try to help as many people as possible see the truth about the crisis that’s besetting America in our times.

    This will be the third such monthly show that Mr. Huffman and I have done together on WSVA.

    Those outside the broadcast area can hear it at  www.wsvaonline.com/  where there’s a “Listen Live” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

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