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Sen. Chap Petersen: “Voting to shut down the govt. should be a ‘one and done'” for Those Who Do So


Sen. Chap Petersen nails it on a possible government shutdown:

Look, if you believe that the U.S. government is totally worthless and should be shut down, then please go buy a Che Guevara tee shirt and begin the revolution.  Start an on-line petition.  Create your own talk show.  Or move to the mountains and live off wild nuts and moonshine.  It’s cool.  That’s what a free country is all about.

But do not run for Congress.  That elected position presupposes a belief in the Federal government, its purpose and necessity. Otherwise, why are you pulling down a Federal paycheck (and putting all your loved ones on Federal benefits)?

Voting to shut down the government should be a “one and done” for U.S. House Reps. (Better yet, classify them as “non-essential” employees and freeze their pay, while the shutdown is continuing.  That will bring them to the bargaining table.)

Nailed it. Thank you Chap.

Another way to put is the way former Democratic Congressional nominee Andy Hurst explained in 2006. I’m paraphrasing hear, but essentially: if someone came to your law firm to interview for a job, you asked them why they wanted to work at the law firm, and they said “I hate the law, I hate lawyers, I think we should abolish them all,” then why in bloody hell would you even CONSIDER hiring them for your law firm? Same thing with the Teahadists: they say they hate government, they say they hate politics and politicians, they say they hate Washington, and they think we should shrink government down to a small enough size to “drown it in a bathtub” (note the disgusting, violent imagery employed by these sociopaths). So why would any of us in our right minds vote to elect them? If that’s not the definition of “insanity,” I don’t know what is.

P.S. Also note that Tea Partier Extraordinaire Ken Cuccinelli refuses to publicly admit what we all suspect, that he is 100% with Ted Cruz and the other nutjobs in Congress who want to stop “Obamacare” at all costs – even shutting down the government or defaulting on our debt. Not true? Then deny it Cooch!


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