Truth is the Foundation of Liberty


    Liberals like to say that the NRA is really about serving the gun industry, not gun owners.

    True, I suppose. But that misses the bigger worse truth about what the NRA is about.

    The NRA is a part of a larger (destructive) force, and it plays a deep and vital role in bringing power to that force. They do it by manipulating millions of people into being one issue gun-rights voters, thus surrendering their power to the very forces that are exploiting them on the many issues that really do affect their lives and liberties.

    Compared to the that, the enrichment of a single industry is trivial.

    Truth is the foundation of liberty.

    People cannot navigate to the destination they choose if they’ve been given a false map.

    The tragedy of the Republican voter is Othello’s tragedy.

    Othello is a powerful man who acts, by the end of the play, in bold fashion: he kills what he loves, the lovely Desdemona. Though he sees himself as deciding his course, he is not free. For his action is premised on a lie he’s been told by the clever manipulator, Iago.

    So it is with a great many of those voting Republican in these times in America. They act at the ballot box, boldly supporting a radical party. By so doing, they unknowingly help kill the nation they love. Though they believe themselves to be defending their liberty, they are not free. For their political action is premised on a whole tissue of lies they have been told by clever Republican propagandists.

    Othello’s tragedy, and today’s manipulated Republican voter, demonstrate how “Truth is the Foundation of Liberty.”


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