TeaParty: selfishness is their point


    What the Tea Party is all about, once you get past the evangelical fervor, xenophobia,  homophobia, racism, hatred, misogyny, and willful ignorance, resistance to facts, loathing of anything in education that encourages thought, is selfishness so ingrained that that  some claim it has eliminated every scintilla of empathy from its adherent’s souls.

    These creatures have so souls.

    This is what Ken Cucchinelli believes.

    The businesses which bankroll it, not content to profit by earning it, want average citizens to subsidize them.

    No taxes. When asked to contribute to the society that’s made them rich beyond the dreams if avarice, they are aggrieved. “We’re makers. We’re treated unfairly.”

    Subsided by ordinary taxpayers.

    An intense unending selfishness. Ayn Rand, their idol,  was an avatar for this. She was also first in line to collect Social Security and Nedicare when she developed lung cancer. Her ideology was bankrupt, and when she figured it out, she mooches.

    Most decent humans outgrow this level of self absorbed selfishness by the time they’re 21 or so.  

    Subsided by ordinary taxpayers.

    Complete lack of empathy for anyone except themselves. Example:  voting NO on superstore Sandy relief, and being first in line with the fertilizer factory explodes in their district. Ted Cruz:  I’m talking to you.

    Subsided by ordinary taxpayers.

    Jaw dropping hypocrisy. Voting increases in farm bill subsidies to themselves while simultaneously voting to defund SNAP. They don’t need SNAP.

    Subsided by ordinary taxpayers.

    Myopia so blinding even glasses cannot correct it. Anyone who disagrees with me is a traitor and ought to be investigated. Michelle Bachman and former Congressman West: I’m talking to you

    Subsided by ordinary taxpayers.

    A minimum wage so low that it guarantees poverty.

    No benefits. Using any excuse to put the knife into your employees

    And their citizen adherents?  They’re even worse, because they are little more than selfish and stupid.

    Most people feel a little sorry for someone who works and is that poor, so we have the Earned Income Tax Credit, which boosts the pittance that businesses pay.

    Subsided by ordinary taxpayers.

    Most humans understand that some people are too poor to pay for food, so we have SNAP.

    Subsided by ordinary taxpayers.

    Most decent human beings have some compassion for sick adults and children, so we have Medicaid.

    Subsided by ordinary taxpayers.

    Most ordinary people have compassion for people who are out of work, so we have unemployment.

    Subsided by ordinary taxpayers.

    Someday quite soon the Teapots are going to need help, and will come crying to the rest of  us for it. I suggest they ask the Koch Brothers, or Wal-Mart, or Papa Johns, or Jamie Dimon, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann for help.

    Go ahead:  I want to watch.


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