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Virginia News Headlines: Saturday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, September 28. Also check out the video by Media Matters, “Fox Can’t Find Any Of Their Health Care Reporting That’s ‘Not Accurate.'”

*With 3 days left, no clear path to avoid shutdown (The clear path is for Boehn-head to let the House vote on the clean funding bill from the Senate. Of course, if he did, the crazed Teahadists would have his head on a platter.)

*Obama speaks with the leader of Iran in a first for the U.S. since 1979 (That’s a big f’in deal, although we’ll see what if anything comes out of it.)

*Ignatius: Boehner’s lost control of the House (” He is the prisoner of the extreme wing of his party, and of his supposed lieutenants, such as Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who spend their time pandering to the extremists rather than helping Boehner lead.”)

*The 1993 Kristol Memo on Defeating Health Care Reform (Yes, Republicans have been thoroughly dishonest fear mongerers on health care for decades now…)

*Are Republicans So Frantic to Stop Obamacare Because They Fear It Will Work? (“Related: My Family, Our Cancer, and the Murderous Cruelty of Conservatives.”)

*Your False-Equivalence Guide to the Days Ahead (“As a matter of journalism, any story that presents the disagreements as a ‘standoff,’ a ‘showdown,’ a ‘failure of leadership,’ a sign of ‘partisan gridlock,’ or any of the other usual terms for political disagreement, represents a failure of journalism*** and an inability to see or describe what is going on.” You listening Mark Warner?!?)

*Why Republicans should say no to Cuccinelli and Jackson (And Obenshain! By a member of the national board of the Log Cabin Republicans)

*Warner, Kaine discuss looming shutdown

*NRA enters Va. governor’s race with $500K ad campaign against McAuliffe (The fact that this extremist group is supporting Cuccinelli should tell you everything you need to know about him. Starting with: DO NOT vote for him!)

*Cuccinelli’s office, senator compromise on record request (“After months of wrangling, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s office has found common ground with a Democratic state senator seeking internal records about its contact with a businessman at the heart of a high-profile gift scandal.”)

*Herring appeals to ‘family’ in AG campaign ad (“Herring tell viewers he supported this year’s $6 billion transportation funding with an eye on getting people home sooner, wrote legislation to protect senior citizens from financial exploitation, and plans to work on military and veterans issues.”)

*In Hanover, Cuccinelli talks with business owners about Obamacare concerns (Instead of constantly nitpicking and complaining, how about HELPING to make this law work the best it can? Oh no, god forbid…)

*McDonnell supports bid for drones test site

*Strasburg finishes strong, Werth’s blast powers Nats past Diamondbacks (Time for a monster year for Strasburg in 2014!)


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