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Video: Chris Graham of the Augusta Free Press on Cuccinelli Inadvertently Making McAuliffe’s Case


Very interesting points by Chris Graham of the Augusta Free Press on why Ken Cuccinelli is losing the Virginia governor’s race. I particularly enjoyed the following:

Those attack ads that I mentioned that have been aiming to knock down Terry McAuliffe a peg or two or more, in my mind they’re actually reinforcing what Terry McAuliffe would love to be the message about him, which again is that he’s the business-focused candidate. The nuances of the scandals that the Cuccinelli campaign are trying to pin on Terry McAuliffe are lost on a lot of people…The sum effect, though, is to paint an image of this guy as a guy who’s an inside wheeler and dealer business, willing to go the extra mile, to use government money to advance business projects.

Well guess what, if you’re governor that’s what you need to be able to do. And I think a lot of voters are either ignoring those messages or maybe those who are thinking about it are thinking hey, that’s the kind of governor we want. We have a choice between two candidates; one is the guy who is going to sue the federal government over Obamacare, going to sue the University of Virginia over climate science research. We can have that governor, or we can have a governor who maybe sells out the state to a degree but he will get some things done. I don’t know that message is really helping the Cuccinelli campaign.

So in the end…you have the Cuccinelli campaign spending the bulk of its time perhaps pushing the McAuliffe agenda for it inadvertently, and that’s why you have Ken Cuccinelli trailing in the Virginia polls.

Hahaha, gotta love it. Now just to be clear, I’m not a fan of corporate welfare, or of states bidding against each other to lure companies away from the other one(s), in any way, shape or form. Sadly, though, that’s our system right now, and apparently we have to play to win. As for reforming this system, Ken Cuccinelli is most certainly NOT better – in fact he’s arguably far, far worse – than Terry McAuliffe. The fact is, Cuccinelli as Attorney General was involved in shady, “quid pro quo”-type arrangements with Bobby Thompson (of the phony Navy Vets “charity”), Jonnie Williams (of the slimeball Star Scientific outfit), and CONSOL Energy (out-of-state gas company ripping of Southwest Virginia landowners, while Cuccinelli’s staff advised them on how to do so most effectively!). Also note that Cuccinelli receives large sums of money from some of the most powerful corporate interests in the country, such as the heinous Koch brothers. The thought that Cooch of all people would rein in corporate power over our government is beyond laughable, ranging into loony-tunes territory. Which means he is the LAST person on earth to be criticizing anyone in that regard. Not that that will stop him or his “brilliant” brain trust…


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