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Virginia News Headlines: Thursday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, September 26. Also, if you missed last night’s demolition of Ken Cuccinelli by Terry McAuliffe (and more importantly, by serious questions Cooch couldn’t answer satisfactorily in any way), see my live blog. By the way, Ken Cuccinelli mentioned the phrase “quid pro quo,” which is ironic since he’s the true “quid pro quo” guy, with Bobby Thompson, Jonnie Williams, CONSOL Energy, the Koch brothers, etc, etc. They give him money, he does their bidding – quid meet quo.

*House GOP offers plan to avert shutdown (Outrageous and completely unacceptable of course: “The party’s strategy would delay the fight over Obamacare till October by attaching it to the bill to raise the U.S. debt ceiling.”)

*How a shutdown would impact government agencies (“More than 800,000 federal workers’ paychecks could be jeopardized and some services would be interrupted.” Thanks Teapublicans!)

*Kaine: Shutdown would be ‘huge blow’ to economy, jobs

*The Most Ridiculous Moments In Ted Cruz’s Phony Filibuster (The guy’s a Joseph McCarthy wannabe. And no, that is NOT a compliment in any way.)

*You Really Ought to Be More Terrified of the Debt Ceiling (“The truly scary thing about blowing through the debt limit isn’t what we think will happen. It’s that we actually have no idea what will happen.”)

*In debate with McAuliffe, Cuccinelli unable to shake the past (“Astonishingly, Cuccinelli, whose lack of support among women is killing his standing in the polls, did not challenge McAuliffe’s repeated contentions that he wanted to outlaw contraception.”)

*Terry McAuliffe, Ken Cuccinelli trade blows at Virginia debate (“There was not the kind of pivotal, game-changing moment Cuccinelli hoped could change the trajectory of an off-year race that has pulled away from him and toward Democrat Terry McAuliffe.” No, but Cuccinelli did manage to blame Bob McDonnell for introducing him to Jonnie Williams. Seriously, he really did.)

*Republican Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial: Editorial: False politics (“Although [E.W.] Jackson spoke in a church [about non-Christians following “some sort of false religion”], his words were inappropriate for a political candidate seeking a secular office. He is not running for bishop. Even if he were, his attitudes would attract opposition from co-religionists”)

*In Va., a bitter battle takes the stage

*Candidates for governor appeal to viewers in debate (Cuccinelli appealed to those who want to ban abortion and contraception, who think we should discriminate against gay people, who want to defund public education, who like a tax plan that would devastate the state’s fiscal solvency in order to reward the wealthy, and who deny climate science. Is there a big audience for any of that lunacy in Virginia?)

*Sarvis buys ad time during debate (This guy’s just as bad as Cuccinelli when it comes to economics, fiscal issues, and the environment, but if you’re a Republican who can’t abide Cooch’s theocratic views on “social issues,” then Sarvis might be your guy!)

*Bare-Knuckle Brawl: McAuliffe, Cuccinelli Debate in McLean ‘Mud Bath’

*A challenge to public higher education (“UVa alumni want to reduce political influences on board of visitors appointments.”)

*Virginia Isn’t the Place Ken Cuccinelli Thinks It Is

*Newt Gingrich Really, Really, Really Doesn’t Want To Be Virginia’s Senator So Stop Asking (Hahahaha.)

*Virginia Tops 2013 List Of The Best States For Business (Of course, this is by the Koch-brothers-funded, wingnut Mercatus Center. So, take this rating with a HUGE pillar of salt. Or just ignore it, as you would anything coming from the Koch brothers.)

*From the publisher | Pilot digital memberships begin (Hmmmm…good luck with that!)

*Va. Beach councilman: Mosque threatens national security (Bill DeSteph has always been a raging Islamophobic bigot, and he continues to prove it…)

*Nice weather expected into weekend

Nice weather expected into weekend
(“High pressure to our north has dropped its anchor, helping to lock in pleasant weather.”)

*A season of tough lessons for the Nats A season of tough lessons for the Nats (Sports writer Thomas Boswell is one of the few great things about the Washington Post.)


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