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Planned Parenthood VA: Cuccinelli’s Comments are “Unbelievably Insulting to Virginia Women”


Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC Statement on Gov. Debate;

Cuccinelli’s Comments are “Unbelievably Insulting to Virginia Women” 

RICHMOND, VA — Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC released the following statement in response to tonight’s gubernatorial debate, where Ken Cuccinelli made the outrageous claim that “no one has done more to protect women than I have.”  

Statement from Cianti Stewart-Reid, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC: 

“Ken Cuccinelli demonstrated how out of touch he is with the needs of Virginia women tonight. His claim that no one has done more to protect women would be laughable, if it wasn’t so unbelievably insulting to Virginia women.  Cuccinelli wants to outlaw abortion with no exceptions for survivors of rape, incest or to protect the health of the woman. That doesn’t sound like protection to me. He thinks bosses should be able to decide if their employees can access affordable birth control, and he has made it a priority to shut down women’s health care providers like Planned Parenthood.  

“Ken Cuccinelli must think that ‘protection’ means limiting our access to health care and interfering with our personal medical decisions – and if that’s the case, Virginia women certainly do not want Ken Cuccinelli to ‘protect’ them anymore.  That’s why we’re working double time to educate Virginia women about his clear and dangerous record.”

Planned Parenthood Votes and Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC have been running a layered grassroots outreach effort leading up to Virginia’s gubernatorial election to educate Virginia voters about Cuccinelli’s dangerous record and agenda on women’s health and to mobilize supporters to help keep Ken out of the governor’s mansion this November. Our supporters and volunteers have knocked close to 17,000 doors already and plan to knock thousands more. Our supporters also held a rally outside the debate with “Keep Ken Out” signs.

You can see a photo from our rally here.


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