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Virginia News Headlines: Tuesday Morning


Here are a few Virginia (and national) news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, September 23. Just 6 weeks until Election Day; what are YOU doing to help elect Democrats?!? Also see the video of Rep. Bobby Scott reminding everyone that ” that enrollment for the new Health Insurance Marketplaces under Obamacare opens in just one week.”

*Enigmatic Leader of Iran Backs Nuclear Talks, for Now (Yeah, who knows. Worth probing to see if they’re serious, though.)

*Post-shutdown back pay for federal workers? Don’t count on it this time. (Just remember who you’ll have to thank for this: the Tea Party, including Ken Cuccinelli’s top allies Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, etc. By the way, is Cuccinelli still dodging questions on a government shutdown? Well, yes, of course he is!)

*Jackson says he differs with pope on gays (I’ll take Pope Francis any day…)

*Jews Follow ‘False Religion,” Says Virginia Candidate

*Jackson says non-Christians practice ‘false religion’ (Still waiting to hear “Tea Party Mark” Obenshain and Crazy Ken Cuccinelli condemn these remarks. Of course, given that Cuccinelli never condemned the anti-Semitic “joke” the other day by his close political ally, don’t hold your breath…)

*McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race

*Battle for the ‘burbs will likely decide key Virginia contest (This is news? It’s been this way for many years…)

*Virginia voters still looking for substance in Terry McAuliffe (“But Ken Cuccinelli lags in favorability, new polls show” Perhaps because Cuccinelli’s “substance” is extremism and sex-obsessed lunacy?)

*Bourne: McAuliffe’s schools plan is the better choice (” In Richmond alone, the Cuccinelli plan could force us to lose more than 160 teachers. Instead of cutting, we need to invest in education even before kindergarten, so that students enter school healthy and ready to learn. But the Cuccinelli tax plan could make that impossible. Even worse, Cuccinelli wants to change the Virginia Constitution to divert funding from public schools to private schools.”)

*Eric Cantor critical of suit to block school vouchers

*Cuccinelli, McAuliffe to meet in face-to-face debate (Guarantee: this will be a s*** show, with Cuccinelli in particular hurling the kitchen sink at McAuliffe. Fun, fun, fun. Or not.)

*E.W. Jackson faces key test in debate with Democratic opponent for lieutenant governor (Will he/can he dial back his extremism, bigotry and insanity for an hour? We’ll see.)

*Griffith, Carrico rail against proposed EPA guidelines (These people are nihilists, in that they attack everything but never offer constructive ideas for dealing with problems. I’d also note that Griffith opposed the Waxman-Markey comprehensive energy bill in 2010, and that said bill would have provided billions of dollars in support for the coal industry he claims to support, but then doesn’t. Is he clueless, duplicitous, both?)

*Virginia Tech shooting victim: “If this is America, I’m scared” (It is, and we all should be…scared, that is, of the NRA.)

*Enforcement lags on texting ban

*McDonnell says Virginia should be East Coast energy hub (The problem is, McDonnell obsesses with fossil fuels – all of which produce greenhouse gas emissions, which scientists tell us we need to slash, while mostly ignoring the biggest potential areas for Virginia – energy efficiency and offshore wind power, plus clean energy R&D.)

*D.C. area forecast: More September sunshine, California-style

*4-3 loss to St. Louis eliminates Nationals from chase for playoff spot (Frustrating season, even with the superb streak over the past month or so. And no more Davey Johnson next year. Still, this is a talented team and a top-notch franchise, unlike that other sports team in town, you know the one with the HORRIBLE owner, the gimpy-kneed QB, and the racist name?)


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