A 54-minute speech?!?!?!?!?!


    Check out this from Politico, describing the event in Richmond in which Cuccinelli gave Ted Cruz the big cold shoulder.

    RICHMOND, Va.- That was awkward.

    In the clearest sign yet of the potent effect of the government shutdown on the Virginia governor’s race, Republican Ken Cuccinelli avoided being photographed with Ted Cruz at a gala they headlined here Saturday night-even leaving before the Texas senator rose to speak.

    Backstage, a source said, Cuccinelli urged Cruz to work with Democrats to end the federal shutdown. But he did not make that point, or even acknowledge Cruz, in short public comments to some 1,100 social conservatives.

    Cruz has become the face of GOP intransigence, and the conservative attorney general’s effort to distance himself from congressional Republicans reflects how damaging Cuccinelli realizes a prolonged shutdown may be for his campaign.

    For his part, Cruz heaped praise on his “friend” Cuccinelli and argued passionately in a 54-minute speech that their party can still win the messaging fight over the shutdown if the people just speak out loudly enough.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/…

    Did I read that right:  Cruz spoke for 54 minutes?!?!?!

    No wonder Cooch walked out on him . . . probably caught himself going to sleep!!


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