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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia and national news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, October 28.

*A year after Romney loss, GOP woes run even deeper

*First, admit the problem (E.J. Dionne, who I spotted yesterday at the Bill Clinton rally in Dale City, nails it in this column: “The wrong problem is the deficit. The right problem is sluggish growth and persistent unemployment.”)

*Poll: Democrat Mark Herring ahead in Virginia attorney general race

*Ken Cuccinelli’s fantastical vision of Terry McAuliffe’s spending plans

*A Non-Endorsement: In the Governor’s Race, None of the Above (Cuccinelli couldn’t even earn a Republican paper’s endorsement – in fact they RIPPED him as a “conservative extremist” – that has already endorsed him for statewide office once, and which endorsed Bush, Kilgore, McCain, McDonnell, Bolling, and Romney/Ryan. Enormous #FAIL for Cuccinelli.)

*A spinout on roads (“Cuccinelli’s plan to hand over road oversight to counties raises  financial and practical questions.”)

*Clinton urges voter turnout ahead of Nov. 5 election (“Former President Bill Clinton threw his political weight – and a little star power – behind Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe in Richmond on Sunday at a homestretch event focused on getting out the vote.”)

*Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe, together again in four-day swing across Virginia (“Clinton told the audience that his friend would win over skeptics as governor…’a year from now, lots of people who voted against him will wonder what they were thinking on Election Day.'”)

*A president and his fun-loving sidekick: A bond as close as family

*Cuccinelli’s status as Virginia attorney general has complicated the race (“By not resigning to be a full-time candidate, he’s had a public stage – and found conflicts of interest.”)

*Terry McAuliffe’s big test: Turn out black voters

*A close, contentious race in Virginia’s 87th House District (David Ramadan is a corrupt extremist, kinda like Ken Cuccinelli, and needs to be unceremoniously booted out of office next Tuesday!)

*E. W. Jackson has history of financial woes (What is it with all these corrupt extremists in the Virginia Republican Party?!?)

*Sen. Rand Paul to Campaign for Ken Cuccinelli Monday in Fairfax (Rand Paul? You mean the extremist nutjob who voted to keep the government shut down and for the U.S. to default on its debt, thus ruining the economy? Oh yeah, THAT Rand Paul! LOL)

*Election 2013: Prince William a key swing county in race for governor

*Henrico a key swing county in governor’s race

*Both major parties losing the coalfields (Cuccinelli’s office sold out the people of Southwest Virginia to an out-of-state energy company. Plus, his economic policies would be ruinous for Southwest Virginia. Just a non starter all around.)

*Race for 17th District of House of Delegates seat pits familiar opponents (“Republican Chris Head and Democrat Freeda Cathcart also clashed in 2011.”)

*In latest Washington blowout, the bad outweighs the good

*A sunny, seasonable start to the week


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