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Birds of a Feather: TeaPublican, Pathetic “Gov” from NC to “Help” Cooch GOTV


If there were ever a metaphor for what’s wrong with Ken Cuccinelli, and his desperate campaign to bring Virginia back to the Stone Age, it has to be the upcoming visit by pretend NC Governor Pat McCrory. He’s even a more fitting metaphor than Rick Santorum’s jetting in to “rescue the Cooch” from his inanity. As if. So tomorrow, Pat McCrory will rally with Cuccinelli in Roanoke, purportedly to get out the vote (GOTV) for the Cooch. How fitting that the worst “Governor” in America will campaign for the worst AG. (McAuliffe has totally trumped Cooch with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton, hasn’t he?)

But McCrory is in a league of his own. He might as well be a subsidiary of Art Pope, the Koch Brothers’ buddy, who helped found and fund Americans for Prosperity (prosperity for for the 400 richest in America and not for everyone else). As I have told you on these pages, Pat McCrory picked his very own sugar daddy, the Ayn Randian Art Pope, to be NC’s budget director. And you know who is really governor (hint: it’s not Pat). In other words, McCrory couldn’t do the job himself anyway. He’s too busy furrowing his brow in front of the mirror and trying to act “serious.” He has taken to hiding from the citizens of NC because he cannot govern and he doesn’t care what the citizens think.

Nor can Cooch do the job of governor of Virginia. He’s too busy with foolish and destructive retro campaigns that hurt people. And he’s too preoccupied trying to bring back anti-sodomy laws, which the SCOTUS has ruled unconstitutional. It’s ironic as hell that the radical right used as an anti-ACA ad a caricature of Uncle Sam involved in pelvic exams. The ACA provides a way to buy private insurance. The government is nowhere in the examining room. But Cooch and McCrory have inserted themselves into women’s vaginas and done more to eliminate women’s privacy than anyone in America. Besides, who would be Cooch’s budget director? Pat Robertson?  

McCrory has plummeted in the polls faster than a rock.  He ran on two issues: 1) drill, Baby Drill (the way he put it is we have to tap the wealth under our feet and off our shores) and 2) cut the state budget in half. He is nothing if not a nihilist trying to flush our state down the bathtub drain a la Grover Norquist. Even Glenn Beck has had it with Grover. (Isn’t it a crime for these guys to pledge to follow a lobbyist rather than honorably work on behalf and for the citizens of the state and uphold the constitution?

But McCrory has no interest in the state (or federal) constitutions. He clearly hasn’t read the part about the citizens of NC having a right to clean air and clean water either. We used to be progressive that way.

Pat McCrory refused the federal government’s help to provide 500,000 additional North Carolinians Medicaid. He cut unemployment insurance, both in amount (by a third) and in length. He refused to put forth an exchange for the ACA. As a result, North Carolina has NO competition and have possibly the highest prices for health insurance in the nation. There is only one statewide plan available in all counties of the state.

McCrory and the GA haven’t just tried to assure North Carolinians cannot get affordable health care. They have put a target on backs of the poor, the unemployed, children, workers, women, seniors, minorities, teachers, and, of course, Democrats. BTW, teachers here are already the 46th lowest paid in the nation. McCrory signed the bill siphoning millions from schools to corporate charters and lies that he hasn’t de-funded public education.

Of course, McCrory cut taxes for the rich, but raised them for everyone else. He cut school budgets (and lied about it). He has ushered in the gravest assault on the people’s vote in the whole country. He should refuse to enforce that blatantly unconstitutional bill. But he won’t. Instead, his appointees have set forth to separate tens of thousands of North Carolinians from their right to vote. But, you can carry a gun in parks. The guys only been governor since January and already NC is in the crapper. Think about it!

He gutted environmental enforcement. He’s gutted a woman’s right to choose. He’s pushed Democrats off supposedly bipartisan commissions and “oversight” boards. He cannot give an intelligent interview or debate performance. Ditto the idiotic GA, the members of which which hate science and want to establish a state religion. He’s also a demonstrable liar. Among his many lies are the whopper that he would not support and further restricting abortion.

Virginia, my question is, “Why are Cooch’s poll numbers as high as they are? Yeh, I know I am one to talk (not!). Here I sit in a state with (I’ll say it) Dumb-A## McCrory’s faux leadership.  But you still have time. You obviously still have some neighbors to talk to. It should be a huge margin for Terry. I don’t want to hear how Terry isn’t the perfect candidate. He’s a thousand times better than the DA-AG trying to be your governor. You don’t want to North Carolina Virginia. There is just no excuse for letting this happen.  People here were fooled by McCrory. With Cooch, what you see is what you get. You already know what he is capable of.  A truly scary thought for this Halloween season.  


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